Voorne-Putten it's a Dutch Experience

One island or two? Voorne and Putten, separated by the historic shipping route, the Bernisse . The island is a transition zone between the city, sea and land. It connects the urban area of ​​Rotterdam with the rural environment nearby. It’s a line between past and present, tradition and future with a natural boundary of water .

Field full of infinite contrasts the four municipalities which also features watersport city Hellevoetsluis, natural Westvoorne, cultural and historical Brielle and the mix of village and city in Nissewaard. Step across the border to a beautiful area of water, nature, history and ports where you can exert and relax, recharge and discharge.

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Relaxation and excitement, charging and discharging. Voorne-Putten can do it for you! From the city you step across the border to a beautiful area that is full of activities but where you can also enjoy the peace and space. Via the road along the international port arrive in the historic harbors where the past comes to life. Dive into the history of this unique area or in the beautiful lake of Oostvoornse. Delicious with your feet in the sand at the only South Beach in the Netherlands or looking down from a kite. Let nature be your animation team or enjoy the many fun attractions. Voorne-Putten will let you see and do.

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With many events and festivals all year round there is something to experience on Voorne-Putten. Events in and around the water as Fortress Days and Pinkster Sail, resurrecting the history on April 1 in Brielle or during Jacoba van Beierenday in Oostvoorne. Enjoy the view after climbing the Catherijne Church, Stenen Baak or the Lighthouse in Hellevoetsluis. Spot the colorful kites during the Kite Festival in Spijkenisse or kingfishers in the Bernisse . Wander along with the ranger and discover the hidden corners of Voorne-Putten.

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For the true holiday experience you’ll stay in one of the most unique accommodation at Voorne- Putten. Located on the beach, in the woods or in the historical fortress . You can choose from a great variety of hotels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts and vacation homes. You will feel at home and be wonderfully pampered , have breakfast in the beautiful garden and enjoy the local specialties. Then go and discover the island with the best local tips.

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