Nature areas, beautiful polders, ancient rivers, medieval towns, rural villages, architecture, theater, shopping and shopping. Those who make a trip through Nissewaard will surely be surprised. On one side, the urban Spijkenisse with direct connection to the big city and, on the other side, the rural area with its picturesque medieval towns Geervliet, Heenvliet and the towns of Zuidland, Abbenbroek, Simonshaven, Hekelingen and Oudenhoorn. All these villages are located in the vicinity of the Bernisse, an ancient river that in the early Middle Ages was an important shipping route between Holland and Flanders. Today, the Bernisse is a beautiful recreation area with hiking and cycling trails and playgrounds. Spuimonding West, located on the tidal river Het Spui, is a true birds paradise. Various cozy restaurants are located throughout the area.

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